As St Patricks Day approaches, pensioners in their 70’s are preparing to march in support of what for many is their only link with home – RTELW252 – now threatened with closure this coming May.
A government  report engaged 3000+ listeners and more than 90% said that they listen every  day or most days. Of our  6M UK Diaspora  400,000 are Irish born while 100,000 are pensioners many of whom are isolated having emigrated during the harsh decades of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s with little job or educational opportunities.
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  1. We call on your support to come and join us in the St Patrick’s Day parade in Manchester 12th March. We would ask you to be there (IWHC Irishtown Way Queens Road Cheetham Hill) about 10.30 a.m. for formation. The parade starts at 12 noon.

    Although the Irish Post tells us that we will have the service for another two years, no statement has been forthcoming from RTE. However, two years is not sufficient; we demand a permanent broadcast. A period of time that at least will accommodate the Elderly Irish. We all know that progress is inevitable. But another ten years perhaps would most likely be acceptable when the generation of which I speak is no more.

    Come and join us please.

    Ní neart go chuir le céile

    Myra Butler
    0044 1706 844331

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