Campus and Community Stations

Campus and community radio stations

Les-radios-FM_thematique_fullA digital system that excludes them is in the offing.
Chances of stakeholders sharing a common platform are fading – BCI (Digital Radio Final ReportV3). A digital upgrade to existing FM network is ignored, –

RTE is Vice Chair of a powerful European lobby group focussing on the motor industry. Pre-installed first generation digital radios may be the outcome served by twice as many transmission sites as needed for FM. On air since 1932 a high powered link to emigrants in Britain now costing €260k p.a. is threatened in a one size fits all attempt.

Transferring content from long wave would be a boost for a system costing €20 Million upwards that has stalled both here and in the UK – DAB. Valued by motorists, long wave is a free to air service and an alternative to the internet liable to fail during emergencies.
A cultural link under the Good Friday agreement – long wave serves Ireland/UK and is  funded by the TV licence fee.

Broadcast from one mast on one single frequency without the need to retune, it overspills over a vast area from Norway to the Bay of Biscay.

During the ash plume grounding of flights, long wave was an emergency link to home. Fishermen, tourists and ferry operators value RTE Radio One weather warnings, as do older emigrants unfamiliar with iPhones, Wi-Fi etc. Legislation obliges RTE to provide a radio service to Irish communities abroad.

Listen to RTE Radio One on Longwave 252, testing in digital quality as received in London and Germany during 2007 –

Round the clock radio on long wave is unaffordable in recessionary times. Pre local radio days, high power transmissions ended before midnight. An estimated six million people living in the UK have an Irish grandparent.


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