Difficulties with DAB Radio

Many people have found that DAB radios will work in one part of their house but if they move to a different room the radio goes into search mode and hunts for stations again.

One of the difficulties with Dab is that it can also suffer from interference from LED lighting.

BBC aims to boost flagging DAB sales with smartphone push  (reported on Southgate Amateur Radio site)

A global radio industry coalition backed by the BBC and the Government is aiming to put pressure on smartphone manufacturers to build tuners into handsets to serve younger audiences and boost flagging take-up of DAB.

The communications minister Ed Vaizey is expected to tell a gathering of radio executives in Salford on Tuesday that the BBC will lead the development of a ‘hybrid’ of DAB, FM and internet radio.

Broadcasters hope the initiative will encourage major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple to include DAB hardware in new handsets and help ensure the future of broadcast radio. The project will aim to create standard software that will make it easy for smartphone users to get the benefits of broadcast radio and the advanced features of online streaming apps, including interactivity and extra visual content.

The announcement comes with sales of DAB radios in decline. The Government last year ruled out a planned switch-off of FM transmitters because digital broadcasts account for only around a third of listening, 15 years after the first sets went on sale.

Broadcast radio in general remains robust, with 90pc of adults tuning in every week according to Ofcom, and overall listening down only 6pc since 2008. However the smartphone boom has seen listening by younger Britons fall more rapidly amid competition from mobile games and online video. On average, 15 to 24-year-olds listen to 13pc less radio than they did in 2008.

Many people have found that their Dab radio suddenly stops – and goes silent for a while.  This is known as “dropout”  It happens sometimes  with digital TV. The picture suddenly freezes.

But with AM/FM radios the signal may weaken or “fade” but still be listenable.

If you or a neighbour uses  a PLT device (a plug in device that connects two computers via the mains even DAB will suffer from interference leading to  radio falling silent

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