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Irish Post – June 16th, 2018
“Need for RTE radio on LW252 remains strong.”
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Irish Post – June 2nd, 2018
“To close down an accessible and proven LW channel,
is dangerously short-sighted.”
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Southgate Amateur Radio News – March 12th 2017
RTE Radio 1 to continue on Long Wave till 2019
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Irish World – Feb 14th  2017
RTE LW to get another stay of execution
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Irish Post – Feb 10th 2017
RTE longwave 252 set to continue at least 2019 after positive talks
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Irish World – Jul 11 2015
RTE Radio’s reasons for switching off LW are just unsound
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Radio World Nov 10th 2015
Radio World Longwave Broadcasting Retains Listeners
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Irish Post  Oct 29th 2015
Calls to extend RTÉ longwave 252 survey deadline as delays continue
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Irish Post  28th Oct 2015
Anger and frustration from Irish community at long delays to complete RTÉ longwave survey
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Irish Post – Sep 8th 2015
Irish in London have their say in future of LW
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Irish Post – April 24 2015
London branch of Fianna Fáil calls on party to support longwave 252 extension
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Irish World – April 4 2015
RTE’s DAB Plans for UK are squelched
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Irish World – Mar 28 2015
(Front Page) The Longwave slot next door to RTE LW252 is not being used
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Irish Post – Mar 25 2015
Former RTÉ engineer: Too many breaks in longwave radio service to Britain
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Irish World – Dec 19 2014
RTE longwave service saved until 2017
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Irish World Heritage Centre – Dec 12 2014
RTE Delegation Visit
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Irish Post – Nov 12 2014
RTÉ face questions over longwave closure
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RadioUser – Nov 2014
Ed’s Comments
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Irish Post – Nov 12 1014
Leeds Irish join campaign to save RTÉ longwave radio service
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Irish Post – Oct 18 2014
Don’t Tune Us Out
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Irish Post – Oct 9 2014
Need for British longwave radio service underestimated by RTÉ
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Irish Post – Oct 3 2014
RTE Accused of Ignoring Diaspora
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